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KEVIN GILSDORF / Kindle Point Inc.

Role: Digital Creative Director, Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide | Blue Bunny Ice Cream website

If you’re not into fun, cuteness, or tasty ice cream, then I’d advise you to quickly click to my other projects. If you’re into the playfulness of Blu, the ice cream capitol of the world, and flavors like Bunny Tracks, then let’s hop to it.  

Phase 1 - Blue Chip had developed the trust with Wells Dairy long before I joined the agency through BC’s expertise in Shopper Marketing.  Based on my Digital CD role, I wanted to organically grow our digital business by educating the Blue Bunny clients on the full potential of their digital ecosystem. After initial discussions, we won the website assignment.  Wells had already invested in new branding, packaging and began developing their spoke-bunny Blu; timing was of the essence. Phase 2 –Brand components, copy tone for Wells/Blu, ice cream photography, were among the assets we produced to support the website content development.  Ultimately, the creative team developed the brand in tandem with the brand agency. Phase 3 – We were in development of features, content and site design to showcase the new: Flavors, packaging, plus Blu of course.  Engagement features included: Blu’s personality brought to life; highly dynamic product pages; an interactive scoop-o-nality quiz; rich recipes, history, hacks, and the scoop on the Blue Bunny news. Ultimately, the team developed more playful content than Blu can point his ears to.

Current site: